The Purifying Presence

Dove“Think of the Holy Ghost dwelling within us, mindful of all our past sins. But his memory of our sins is not censorious. It is not that he would reproach us, as weak mean-spirited persons regard someone who has strayed, eager to accuse while thinking to make escape impossible. The memory of the Holy Ghost is the memory of magnanimous love. He remembers our past sin most truly, but only because he desires to deliver us from it. He would teach us to remember it, he would bring us to the same remembrance as his, but only to effect our deliverance. He desires that all this work of sin may be done away, that all these full powers of his love may stream forth on our soul, and that he may ‘see of the travail’ of his divine purpose ‘and be satisfied'(Cf. Is. 53:11), as we are formed anew and perfected in the very image of Christ.” ~ Richard Meux Benson, Look to the Glory, 153-4.

When the Spirit convicts, He does not convict in order to condemn. His power does not work in us to destroy us but to bring life. We must recognize His persistent convicting presence as the means by which God is bringing to light those places of disorder and decay which need most to be purged from our hearts. He illuminates, and what He illuminates in us is often ugly, but His light is not present to punish but to purify. When the Spirit speaks in your heart, are you receptive to this painful but life-giving power?


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