The Path Toward True Humanity

Germinating-seed“Human love is impulsive, limited, soon exhausted. Divine love is tranquil, universal, boundless. No heart has really learned to love until it has learnt to love Jesus. The love of Jesus has to be cultivated. Then it exerts its strong dominion over all the other emotions of the heart, and so leads us on to an entire conformity to him. To love Jesus above everything is that which fills the heart with an affection which nothing can possibly equal. It is not the stifling of other affections, but the infusing into them of a better life.” ~ Richard Meux Benson, Look to the Glory, 91.

There are two errors common to human thinking about God today. The first is that our love is somehow sufficient. It is not. We learn love by looking to God, not by looking to ourselves, to our loves, or to our desires. God is the one who defines love, not us; it is He who sets the boundaries of love. His love is like the sun, while ours is like a weakened light bulb–the task is to cultivate fruit, and no light but His will suffice. We must step out of the cave of our self and allow His light to beat upon us with power.

The second error is to believe that this process eliminates the self, eliminates the will. God’s love does not eliminate your self, but activates it. As the seed that God would grow in you is you, so God’s loving power is meant to grow you into a new person; the same, but transformed. No amount of your own effort can truly activate that self–anymore than that weakened light bulb can activate a seed. It is only when we submit to the influence of God’s power that we become, for the first time, truly ourselves. And we become ourselves by being “infused” into the love and life of God.

Submission to the love of Christ is the only path toward true humanity.


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