The Historical Jesus

missing-jesus“It is clear, then, as a matter of fact, from the writings of those who dispute the historicity of Jesus that the hypothesis of His existence is a thousand times easier to prove than that of His nonexistence. That does not mean that the hopeless undertaking is being abandoned. Again and again books appear about the nonexistence of Jesus and find credulous readers, although they contain nothing new or going beyond Robertson, Smith, Drews, and the other classics of this literature, but have to be content with giving out as new what has already been said.” ~ Albert Schweitzer, “Out of My Life and Work” (129).

The argument that Jesus didn’t exist is old, really old. But it is also tired, really tired. There isn’t much to add to it, and there isn’t much to hold it up. It has been debunked again and again with impressive success. But what remains still is the tired, insistent doubt, working its way through the publishing cycle every few years, putting on the clothes of controversy to make a quick buck.

So if you encounter a claim that Jesus never existed, take heart. You are encountering an old and well-defrauded claim.

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