“Everything Except Christ.”

christapurana“Now what is it in Christianity that makes it different and therefore gives it its vitality? Obviously it is not a particular doctrine or teaching, for many other religions have similar teachings. It is this Person, Who, standing amid ancient codes and ways of life, dares say: ‘But I say unto you.’ The uniqueness of Jesus lies in His total personality. ‘We have everything in the Gita that you have,’ said a Hindu to me one day. ‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘everything except Christ.’ He Himself is the difference in the Gospel that gives it a mighty vitality. The Gospel lies in His Person–He Himself is the Good News.” E. Stanley Jones, “The Christ of the Mount”

I met and spoke the other day with a Sikh Christian–he was excited to see me reading my Bible in a local coffee shop and shared part of his testimony with me there. He was struck by how much of Christianity was already present in the scriptures of his heritage. Then, when I shared this passage from E. Stanley Jones with him, his eyes lit up with pleasure. He ratified again, as thousands and millions have ratified in the past, that it is Jesus who makes all the difference–Jesus who saves, Jesus who changes lives. Woe to us, within the Christian faith, if we ever lose our grip on the mighty power of His vitality.


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