Romans 16:17-20–Keep Guard!

SheepThere is a sad and difficult reality to the Christian faith, and it is this: often, the more tender the heart the more gullible in faith. The language of mercy and love, hijacked by swindlers and deceivers, has shipwrecked the practical faith of a host of well-meaning people. We are commanded by our Lord to be both wise and harmless. Wise as the serpent—crafty in our faith, knowing the ins and outs, aware of the truth as keenly and sharply as a dagger.But also harmless as a dove—ready for slaughter, prepared for our fate, without malice, and pure.

But this must be remembered: our obedience to Christ does not mean, has never meant, that we put up with any one and any thing. We must, after Paul’s command, “Look out for the ones who make dissent from the teaching.” Anyone who strays from the faith as handed down to us we must turn aside from. And in turning to Christ our Lord, in clinging to the teaching we have received, we will be wise toward the good and pure toward evil. And God will shatter Satan beneath our feet.


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