From Sunday’s Sermon: A Relationship with Your Conscience

Kronk Shoulder Angel“The conscience, let me be perfectly clear, is not God. The voice of your conscience and the voice of God are not always the same. Often they are in concord, but sometimes they are not. This is self-evident even from the differences in cultural practices. For many of you, your conscience would never permit you to walk into a house wearing your shoes. For other people in the world, they would tread upon your floors without the slightest twinge of guilt. Is one person more godly than the other? Of course not! But the conscience has been trained differently. Similarly, differences in dress (modesty), in greeting (do I kiss or not?), in gift giving and hospitality—many of these are reinforced by a conscience that is not the voice of God. I have to say this clearly because there are sometimes people who claim that they have a relationship with God when, in fact, all they really have is a relationship with their conscience. They believe that their inner voice is God’s voice, but this, I hope I have already made clear, is not necessarily the case. The voice of our conscience is not the voice of God, but God often uses our consciences to speak to us.” ~ From “The Training of the Conscience” (Luke 16:-19-31)


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