Two Roads

Divergent Path“Briefly: where this True Light is, there is a true, just life such as God loveth and esteemeth. And if the man’s life is not perfect as Christ’s was, yet it is framed and builded after His, and his life is loved, together with all that agreeth with decency, order, and all other virtues, and Self-will, I, Mine, Me, and the like, is lost; nothing is purposed or sought but Goodness, for the sake of Goodness, and as Goodness. But where that False Light is, there men become heedless of Christ’s life and all virtue, and seek and intend whatever is convenient and pleasant to nature. From this ariseth a false, licentious freedom, so that men grow regardless and careless of everything. For the True Light is God’s seed, and therefore it bringeth forth the fruits of God. And so likewise the False Light is the seed of the Devil; and where that is sown, the fruits of the Devil spring up–nay, the very Devil himself. This ye may understand by giving heed to what hath been said.” Theologia Germanica, XL.

Chase life–that is, chase He-Who-is-Life–at the expense of self and you will begin to grow virtue, orderliness, and above all a commitment to that absolute Goodness which colours the full Christian life. But chase Self–that is, turn away from He-Who-is-Life–and vice, disorder, and vileness will in time not only populate your house, but the very house of your soul. This is the choice laid before the human heart: to take up your cross and choose the Lord, or to reject the cross and choose your self.

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