Romans 15:30-33–The End of the Argument

Paul-iconThese are the last words of Paul’s argument—the closing statement, if you will. They reveal Paul’s intention and his heart. Echoing the language of 12:1—where he urged us to live in accordance with the truth of the gospel—now in 15:30 he urges us again, this time to assist him in prayer. We are no longer servants, but friends, and as friends we are partners in mission. Our powers are material (we bring our gifts to serve others), as well as spiritual (we offer our prayers to help others), and our prayer is simple: Preserve both the Gospel, O Lord, and those who carry the gospel in service. Prevent the disbelievers from carrying the day, but rescue Your workers for the sake of Your word. And through it all, make our congregation, Father, a place of rest for those who labor for your Kingdom. Amen.


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