Romans 15:14-21–Paul, Civil Servant of the Gospel

Service“I am a civil servant of Christ Jesus for the nations, a priest in service to the gospel of God, in order that the offering of the nations should be acceptable, being consecrated by the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:16

This is Paul’s mission; it is his call and task. To present, through priestly service, we nations to God as an acceptable offering. We are the fruit of the gospel message. And all that Paul has done, all that Paul has written, has been to serve this purpose.

Especially in Romans we must keep this clear. Romans exists to tell us who we Gentiles are in Christ, to admonish us to seek unity and wholeness with our brothers in the faith, and to challenge us to be like Christ to those who are weaker in faith than us—to save our brethren through faithful service, as Paul has sought to save us. In maturity of faith, then, the priestly action continues—Christ became a priest for our benefit, reconciling us to God. Then he appointed Paul as a priest to bring in the nations, fulfilling the gospel of God. Now we, the fruit, become priests in Paul’s image, to save the world and complete the gospel of Christ. We are also civil servants of the gospel, set apart for mission, eager to consecrate others with the Holy Spirit.


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