Romans 13:11-14–Marching Orders

Marching SoldiersMark the time. Sleep is over. Night fades. The call to arms has been sent out. Put away the nightclothes and arm yourself with the armaments of light. March in a becoming fashion—not with revelry or drunkenness, not with sex and sensuality, not with strife or zeal, but as Christ.

Lastly, make no provision for desire. That is, no preparation for desire, no planning ahead for desire. As a soldier commissioned to provender yourself, desire is not on the list of requirements. And when I say desire, I don’t mean just your fleshly desires. Remember at your training on love just a few verses ago when we talked about fulfilling the commands? Remember when I summarized the commands? The last one was, “Do not covet.” But you know that the word for covet is the same as desire. So this business of desiring has to do with obeying the whole law. In other words, make no provision for adultery, or for murder, or for theft. In fact, if part of you is tempted in that way, cut it off and throw it away. It’s better to serve crippled than fail in service entirely.


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