From Sunday’s Sermon: A Palm Sunday Word about Prayer

Christ's Entry into Jerusalem by Hippolyte Flandrin c. 1842When you pray, for yourself or someone else, you must proclaim God’s character—that God is faithful and will see you through, that God is merciful and will forgive, that God keeps His promises and will save, that God is just and will see justice done. But we must never proclaim the hows of prayer. God is faithful, that doesn’t mean I’ll get what I want. God is merciful, that doesn’t mean He no longer cares about holiness or will always protect me from the consequences of my actions. God is a promise keeper, that doesn’t mean He will answer every prayer I offer. God is just; that doesn’t mean He will strike my enemies down. And so in every prayer we must proclaim the whats—the Who-God-is—and we must offer the hows—the what-we-would-like-to-sees. It is the only way to keep our expectations from becoming idolatrous as Israel’s were—the only way to accept the Lord of Life. The only way to pray, “Save us”—Hosanna!—and discover the real salvation he offers us.


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