Romans 12:9-21–The Heartbeat of the Christian Life

Heartrate MonitorRomans 12:9-21 and 1 Corinthians 13. Two statements about the love that binds together the people of God. Two statements about the real fruit of the Christian life, the actualization of the Body of Christ in community. Love is the subject of the whole paragraph. These things Paul describes? They are all the things that Love does—hating evil, clinging to good, serving in the Lord, blessing and not cursing, rejecting haughtiness, keeping in mind those who are humble, rejecting vengeance, and conquering all by means of the good. The ethics of love are the heartbeat of the Christian life.

3 thoughts on “Romans 12:9-21–The Heartbeat of the Christian Life

  1. Back in ‘the day’ we sang ‘they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love’. Today Christians are known by our judgmental censure of others. I think we lost the Good in the Good News.
    Passages like this remind me that both in the church and in the world, love is the hallmark of a believer.
    Excellent blog title:)

    • Thanks, Kelly! I think we’ve lost something too–sadly, I also think that many who have attempted to revive “love” have substituted their own ideas of love for love-as-revealed-by-God. His love is harder, more costly, more powerful, more sacrificial, more challenging, and rattles more cages than anything we’ve ever done by our own efforts. I am eager for the Church to manifest that Christlike love to the world, and to see what happens then!

      Every Blessing!


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