An Undiluted Gospel

J.B. Phillips“For many years it has been my solid purpose to communicate the truth of the Christian Gospel. I am not concerned to distort or dilute the Christian faith so that modern undergraduates, for example, can accept it without a murmur. I am concerned with the truth revealed in and through Jesus Christ. Let the modern world conform to him, and never let us dare to try to make him fit into our clever-clever modern world. I am no anti-intellectual, any more than St. Paul, who wrote so penetratingly that ‘The world by wisdom knew not God.’ But I say quite bluntly that some of the intellectuals (by no means all, thank God!), who write so cleverly and devastatingly about the Christian faith appear to have no personal knowledge of the living God. For they lack awe, they lack humility, and they lack the responsibility which every Christian owes to his weaker brother. They make sure they are never made ‘fools for Christ’s sake,’ however many people’s faith they may undermine.” ~ J.B. Phillips, Ring of Truth, from the Introduction.

I have nothing to add, save–for what it’s worth–my own “Amen.”

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