Romans 10:5-13–The Gospel

Christ has spanned the distance on our behalf.

Christ has spanned the distance on our behalf.

The Law that could not be fulfilled (for who has fulfilled all the commandments?) has been fulfilled completely in Christ (because he has covered the heights and the depths—his work spans all of the Law!), and it is fulfilled in us when we confess Jesus our Lord and believe in his resurrection. These are both ‘middle’ actions—actions (in Greek) which we ourselves perform but which have direct impact upon us. Therefore our confession of Christ produces our righteousness, and our belief in his resurrection produces our salvation. This faith, in turn, is the very cornerstone of God’s revealed judgment—it is the foundation upon which everything is built, the plumb line against which everyone is judged, which in turn, since the One God is God of all, abolishes the distinction between Jew and Greek, and is itself the hallmark of the arrival of the Day of the Lord.

What does this mean? What we can’t do, Christ does for us. What we can’t be, Christ is for us. Where we can’t go, Christ has gone for us. And now all that remains is for us to confess that He is Lord–our kurios, our master, our king–and believe in His resurrection. These two things are what anchors us upon the bedrock of reality. For God is revealing what is real, and all that is temporary–all that is earthly and corrupted–is being stripped away. Only Christ remains.

Have you believed on Him?


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