Romans 10:1-4–Zeal without Knowledge

Sisyphus-6828How many in the world—not just Israel—are zealous without knowledge? How many are striving to make their own way, to achieve their own victory, to write their own rules? How many are earnestly seeking to fulfill the rules of others? Rules handed down to them by teachers, other religions, other traditions? For all of them, not merely Israel, we must witness, as Paul witnesses, that they have zeal without knowledge. Acknowledge the zeal. Take note of the earnest searches. But strive to illumine them at the same time. Because all efforts that are not Christ are efforts that “stand on our own.” All righteousness that is not Christ is self-righteousness. And the path to eternal life begins when we acknowledge our own failure and begin to trust in Christ’s success. That is belief itself: to trust in no one and nothing but Jesus Christ.


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