The Power that Changes the World

Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand“There is only one force that can change evil governments. It is the same force that enabled Christian states to take the place of the heathen Roman Empire, the force that made Christians of savage Teutons and Vikings, the force that overthrew the bloody Inquisition. This force is the power of the gospel, represented by the Underground Church that works in all captive nations.” ~ Richard Wurmbrand, Tortured for Christ, 74.

Never forget the underground church! Never forget the suffering of our brothers and sisters who languish in prisons and under unjust structures of power, who are separated from family, friends, and comforts for the sake of Christ. Never forget that our comfort–especially comfort in the West–is a temporary luxury. Never forget that our power, our position, our privileges, are not the things that change the world. Instead it is Christ, and His gospel, which is the persistent, unchanging power which overthrows the injustice in the world. Our only real decision is whether or not we will cement our allegiance to Him. And when we have done so, may God give us the wisdom to share our comforts with those who suffer for Christ even now!


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