What Sunday Church is All About

Communion“I yearn to see you so that I might impart gifts to you–spiritual ones–in order to establish you firmly.” ~ Romans 1:11

Paul the pastor is eager–yearning–to meet with his people because he has something to give them, and a purpose for which to give it. He wants to bless the Roman believers with spiritual gifts, and he wants them to possess these gifts so that their faith can be strengthened, fixed, and established. The word used for ‘fix’ is the word used to describe the fixing of a stone in place in matters of construction.

Really, this verse is a picture of Church, of the pastor and the congregation. This is what Sunday Church is all about. I (the pastor) have spent time in the word during the week. I have gleaned through prayer and study gifts of a spiritual nature, and I am eager–yearning–to impart those gifts to you. I want to see you on Sundays not because I am hungry for larger attendance, but because I have good things to present to you. And I want you to have these things that you might be fixed and established in your faith.

So ask yourself–have you been a Romans 1:11 churchgoer? Have you been a Romans 1:11 pastor?


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