Reaching through the Sacrament

The Blood of Christ, shed for you.

The Blood of Christ, shed for you.

“What happens when you come to the Holy Sacrament? Christ makes you partaker of his death: that is, he gives you his death to taste, and you cannot taste it only in the wine of the sacramental chalice; you have to taste it in the crosses, the sacrifices of yourself which you make in the strength of the sacrament, or rather, which Christ himself makes through you and in you, in your daily life. And so, when you have received the chalice, you offer and present yourselves, your souls and your bodies, to the Lord, to be made a reasonable, holy, and living sacrifice, and to be taken up into the one sacrifice of Jesus, for you are his members, his body, both in life and in death.” ~ Austin Farrer, A Faith of Our Own.

It is not enough to merely take communion. We dare not ritualize it to such a degree that it becomes a thing we chew, digest, and forget. No, in each occasion where the people of God gather to partake of the Feast of God, we must offer ourselves. Christ has given his life for our life, we are called to follow after his pattern. To do this–to offer ourselves this way–we must reach through the sacrifice. We must taste the blood behind the wine, the flesh behind the bread, and in so reaching we must join with Christ in his work for us, filling up in our bodies that which is lacking in Christ’s sufferings. And this is so because in Christ we are one; one in his death, one in his new life. Take him therefore in your hearts, by faith, with thanksgiving!


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