The Principles of Eternity

We are called to make judgements based on eternal principles.

We are called to make judgements based on eternal principles.

“The principles of Christianity are absolute; they reflect Eternity. The principles of the world may be judicious, amiable, beneficent. But they are contingent: they arise from, and are adapted to a world of change. Christianity looks beyond the world’s flux to God, the unchanging reality. It seeks the increasing incarnation of His Spirit; and for that sake accepts a standard of purity, renunciation and forgiveness alien to the interests of the world.” ~ Evelyn Underhill, The House of the Soul, IV.

There are many good, indeed great, causes in the world, and often we in the church attach ourselves to those causes as if they were identical with the gospel. But no earthly cause, however good, can replace the work of eternity, and it remains our task, continually, to seek the eternal truths of God whereby we may adjudicate all the changing contingencies of our present world. Let us not discover, when we come to the end of time, that we have spent our lives, our finances, our time, and our spiritual strength, on causes and issues of no heavenly value! And how much more must we spend all our efforts on those causes which do have eternal merit!!

How, then, do we become adept? It is simple: through the study of Scripture, the pursuit of the Spirit, participation in the life of the Church, and above all the imitation of Christ!

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