Stanley Jones and Mahatma Gandhi (Part 3 of 4)

“Third,” pronounced Gandhi in response to Jones’s question about Christianity in India, “I should suggest that you must put your emphasis upon love, for love is the centre and soul of Christianity.” Jones then says this: “He did not mean love as a sentiment, but love as a working force, the one real power in a moral universe, and he wanted it applied between individuals and groups and races and nations, the one cement and salvation of the world. With a soul so sensitive to the meaning of love no wonder there were tears in his eyes when I read him at that point the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians.” (E. Stanley Jones, The Christ of the Indian Road, “The Great Hindrance.”)

Love is the real, abiding, and potent power of Christianity. It is not sentimentality, nor is it touchy-feeliness. It is not a weak response to life or a cultivated emotional state or devotion. No, love is the central, pulsing energy of Christianity in practice–it is the love of Christ compelling us. Were we to live out this Christ-love for one another, what would be the effect of our mission in the world? I can tell you in a word: unstoppable.


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