Stanley Jones and Mahatma Gandhi (Part 2 of 4)

“Second,” says Gandhi in response to Jones’s question about Christianity in India, “I would suggest that you must practise your religion without adulterating or toning it down.”

Jones then writes the following: “The greatest living non-Christian asks us not to adulterate it or tone it down, not to meet them with an emasculated gospel, but to take it in its rugged simplicity and high demand. But what are we doing? As someone has suggested, we are inoculating the world with a mild form of Christianity, so that it is now practically immune against the real thing.” (E. Stanley Jones, The Christ of the Indian Road, “The Great Hindrance.)

Have you been living a mild, weak, and cut-off form of Christianity? Have you fed it to your friends and family like a mild form of the flu virus–inoculating them against the reality of your faith? Have you watered down the strong wine of communion with the tepid waters of cultural relevance? What the world needs is not a weaker, more accessible faith–what the world craves is real faith. My former pastor used to say, “People are searching for a genuine alternative to the world; not a weak imitation of it.” Never compromise or settle for less as you seek to follow Christ, because to the degree that you radically commit to him, you will be a radical, vibrant, and living testimony to the power of God.


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