Stanley Jones and Mahatma Gandhi (Part 1 of 4)

“Mahatma Gandhi, I am very anxious to see Christianity naturalized in India, so that it shall be no longer a foreign thing identified with a foreign people and a foreign government, but a part of the national life of India and contributing to India’s uplift and redemption. What would you suggest that we do to make that possible?” He very gravely and thoughtfully replied: “I would suggest, first, that all of you Christians, missionaries and all, must begin to live more like Jesus Christ.” ~ E. Stanley Jones, The Christ of the Indian Road, “The Great Hindrance.”

The mission we are called to embrace and follow is so simple, yet we are negligent of it. We have one simple task, but we replace it with many other things. We try to fulfill our Christian life with a host of extraneous details, when the real thing we must do is seek to live more like Jesus Christ. That it is one of the world’s greatest non-Christians who says this to us is to our greater shame. Gandhi can see that the power of Christianity is Christ–why are we so dense? O Christian, live like Christ! Be like Christ! Follow, imitate, copycat Christ! And let nothing else cloud the clarity of our common call!


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