A Living Faith

“Christianity is unique among the world’s great religions in this: that its Founder is to His closest followers not merely a prophet, pattern of conduct, or Divine figure revealed in the historic past, but the object here and now of an experienced communion of the most vivid kind.” ~ Evelyn Underhill, “The Mystics of the Church.”

I don’t follow Jesus because I think he’s interesting. I don’t follow Jesus because I like his teachings. I don’t follow Jesus because I believe he lived 2000 years ago and performed miracles and taught people. I don’t even necessarily follow Jesus because he was God in the flesh. No, I follow Jesus because he is alive today, and because I have experienced him. And it is because I have experienced him that I believe he is God, and believe that he lived and taught, and like his teachings, and think he’s interesting. Christianity is the religion of people bound together by the living, risen person of Jesus Christ. And it is this abiding fact, so often obscured, that truly marks Christianity as a religion different from any other.


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